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Discover Grinner

Features of the platform
  • Customise your promotional campaign
  • Customise your draw/bidding methods
  • Structure your prize pool
  • Integrate SMS or Email communication
  • Measure promotion results
  • Recommunicate with OPT-in entracts
  • Integration with Giddeeup

Why choose Grinner

Engage consumers and drive sales

Promotions done right, can be a rewarding method to generating leads, and the first step to connecting with you consumer. A prize might attract someone to interact with your brand, however without the right goals and tools all your collected data can be lost and your ROI diminished.

Over the last decade we have produced 100's of promotions online. We have the tools, the apps, and the experience to not only capture the data and find lucky winners, but to learn and provide valuable insight and connection to shape your next campaign.

For ten years our promotions technology suite has evolved and stayed ahead of the game.

Built to put a grin on the faces of our clients consumers, 'grinner' is our customisable promotions management tool.

Approved by the National Gaming and Racing authorities, 'grinner' has successfully left a grin on the face of thousands of consumers and collected precious data for future strategic marketing plans of our clients.

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Discover Giddeeup

Features of the platform
  • Trade portals
  • SMS integration
  • Bidding & instant reward redemption
  • eLearning modules & forums
  • Competitive environments
  • Fulfillment management
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Integration with Grinner & Coooeee

Why choose Giddeeup

Encourage engagement, recognition and rewards

It's a competitive landscape. How are you convincing consumers to buy your product over your competitors? We can help give your product sales a Giddeeup, by incentivising those who matter, the people who get your products to store, and those who recommend them to consumers - sales reps and store sales persons.

We use our knowledge and insights of consumer behaviour to develop activations, to help those who matter sell your products. Incentivising these people with rewarding and compliant methods ensures your brand is on top of the salespersons mind when a customer walks in and asks, 'which product is right for me and my needs?'

Our strategic approach is backed by our tech. We have been modifying our Giddeeup Product for the past 10 years to cater for these needs.

You might also want to use Giddeeup for your employees, incentivise them, acknowledge their efforts, and reward them by division against their peers. A little giddeeup goes along way for your business.

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Discover Coooeee

Features of the platform
  • Custom design
  • Database and subscribers management
  • User Segmentation
  • Comprehensive reporting and tracking
  • Social media integration
  • Send to a friend
  • Integration with Grinner & Giddeeup

Why choose Coooeee

Deliver engaging content and remain top of mind

Let Coooeee, our email Marketing tool, be your sounding board for an effective awareness & lead generating campaign.

Aligned with a strategy to meet your objectives, coooeee allows you to get into your consumer's inbox with measureable results allowing us to continually improve your marketing campaign. Don't let a consumer drop out of your radar into your competitors.

With full graphical reporting, link tracking, open read tracking and much more, you'll be able to see your most effective campaigns and build upon the learnings of each new send.

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Discover Echelon

Features of the platform
  • Central data management
  • Integration into Grinner, Coooeee
  • User Segmentation
  • Comprehensive post analysis
  • Detail analytics
  • Historical tracking
  • User profiling

Why choose Echelon

Consolidate and effectively profile all the data you capture

The digital space is now like the old two way radio – you speak and wait for participation or feedback from your audience – so strategically, campaigns need to be structured to ensure you better educate yourself about your target audience, ready for next time. Storing this data intelligently allows you to effectively activate these future campaigns to those that you know will listen.

Echelon is our intelligent database collection and ranking system. Sounds cool, and it is. Plugged into all our campaigns here at thirsty, with Echelon you'll never lose sight of one of your target consumers again. We have a centralised system to analyse, report and effectively use collected data to retarget and create better camapaigns.

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